About us

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Enroll Hero is your concierge for Medicare. We help you pick the right health insurance plan in minutes, not weeks. At 65+, we believe you should be enjoying the finer things in life, not reading the endless brochures coming through the mail.  Our team of software experts has created the tools to match you with the right plan and when you have questions, your dedicated licensed expert will answer quickly. Oh, and we’re nice people, too!

Enroll Hero is headquartered at 202 Bicknell Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405. You can reach us at 833-636-4376 or hi (at) enrollhero (dot) com.

Our history
When Co-Founder Bryan Kocol’s mom turned 65 a few years ago, she had a terrible experience with a door-to-door Medicare salesman. He was pushy, unprofessional, and after a high-pressure sales session, he kept hassling her over the phone until she finally called the insurance company to get him to stop. Because of her health conditions, choosing the right Medicare plan was an extremely important decision.

Bryan stepped in to help but discovered how impossibly complex it is to make an informed decision, even with a Masters in Computer Science. Later that year, Bryan talked to high school buddy and Co-Founder Mark Lee about this problem and they teamed up to simplify Medicare for everyone in a similar situation as their mothers. With 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the U.S., the scale and complexity of the problem was a big and important one for Mark and Bryan to devote all of their time to.

Our difference
Our team of engineers and data scientists has developed a recommendation platform that predicts health insurance usage. We perform thousands of calculations for every single plan available to your area to recommend the top plans. We want to help you save time with the complexities of Medicare.

Total cost
We calculate everything in our estimation of cost to you. While many others just share the monthly premium, we know that co-payments and co-insurance can play a big part in your overall costs and therefore we factor it into our estimation. This allows you to make a more informed decision comparing apples to apples. We’re pretty proud of our proprietary recommendation tool and we think it can really help you feel confident in your decision.

Unbiased and transparent
We show you all the prices, for all the plans available to you. Period. We are independent brokers and work with all major health insurance companies but work for you and don’t have preferences for specific carriers or plans. We get paid a commission by health insurance companies if you do decide to enroll in a plan with us. The plan prices are the same whether you go directly with the health insurance company. And our service is free for you.

We understand security and privacy
We take your security very seriously. All your information is protected and secured using the latest standards in encryption and data protection.

We are licensed and certified to help
We are licensed by the California Department of Insurance (License #0M16455) and certified by AHIP to help you with Medicare.

We care
We are a for-profit company but not just for profit. We are a mission-driven and our clients include friends and family, which is how we treat everyone. It’s our mission.

No B.S.
No high-pressure sales or scare tactics. We don’t spam or sell your data. We don’t fill up your mailbox every day. We don’t call you if you ask us not to. We just treat you as we would treat our friends and family signing up for Medicare.

Get your personalized plan recommendations or schedule a time to talk to one of our Heroes if you would like help with Medicare. We always do our best to save you time and money.