Medicare 101

When can I change my plan?

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For Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans
Once you are on Medicare, you can change your plan every year during the Annual Election Period (AEP) which runs from Oct 15 to Dec 7. If you are not happy with your Medicare Advantage Plan, you can switch during the Open Enrollment Period which runs from Jan 1 to March 31. Lastly, if you are in your first year of Medicare, you can disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan and enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan.

For Medicare Supplement (MediGap) Plans
You can change your Medicare Supplement plan at any time, but you do have to answer health questions. In California and Oregon, you can switch your Medicare Supplement plan for the 30 days after your birthday without health underwriting, so this is a good time to plan for plan shopping.

Special Enrollment Periods
There are other times of the year – for example, when you move homes – when you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).  During these periods, you can change your plan. There is a long list of qualifying Guaranteed Issue events that we recommend speaking to someone about to determine whether you qualify.

Have any questions?
We’d be happy to help you manage your timelines and dates and send you an annual assessment of whether you can save money.

Just get in touch with one of our Heroes Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00 PM at 833-636-4376 TTY 711 or and we would be happy to help you!

About Enroll Hero
We are unbiased independent brokers contracted with all of the major health insurance companies. Enroll Hero is 100% free to you and the pricing is the same as going direct to health insurers. With us as your broker, we become your Medicare concierge to support and make sure you are always on the optimal plans.

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