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(Reviews left by our customers on Better Business Bureau®)

“I give EnrollHero 5 stars.  Mark was incredibly helpful in wading through the arduous process of finding the right Medicare supplement plans. He was professional and non biased.  I highly recommend this company” – Jan C.

“Enroll hero IS my hero. As a non tech savvy senior, my agent Mark’s help with not only choosing the best plan but helping me sign up for Medicare was invaluable. He was extremely patient, and very easy to contact – in fact we communicated by both email and phone on several occasions. I feel Mark had my best interests at heart and really took the time to get to know my individual needs. Enroll hero was like having my own personal Medicare assistant. I was so impressed by enroll hero, when my husband (older by a few years than me) heard about my Medicare supplement plan, he immediately switched over to enroll hero himself. Best of all, enroll hero will check back with me periodically to be sure the supplement plan and pharmacy plan still meets my needs. Truly impressed by this company.” – Michele G.

“My husband and I were very pleased with the service provided by Enroll Hero. Information was presented in a clear and concise manner, and all questions were answered promptly. Enroll Hero made the process of enrolling in a Medicare supplement much easier. We are also pleased that Enroll Hero will continue to check in with us to ensure our satisfaction with the plan we selected.” – Liz W.

“I had a great experience w Enroll Hero! It made signing up for Medicare for the first time easy and seamless. We discussed my options for my Supplemental and prescription plan and came up w the most economical plan for me. I would highly recommend them!” – Laurie H.

“Impartial, informative and responsive. Super helpful, friendly rep answers questions and brings clarity to the overwhelming number of Medicare options available. They help you cut through the confusing insurance company marketing and identify the specific benefits and cost of the plans that work best for you. You literally answer a few questions and then they will present a ranked list of your options and compare plans as well with no bias. This is a time and headache saver. I found them be a much needed, credible source of information before making my decision. Plus, they file all the paperwork for you and it’s a FREE service! I definitely recommend Enroll Hero.” – Nancy O.

“Fast efficient and a wonderful experience.” – Frederick K.

“These guys are so easy to work with. They will research every angle and help you navigate through all the choices. They compare everything and then they stay in touch to make sure you have the best plan during the next enrollment period. So easy to work with, they will walk you through the computer part if you don’t get it and you don’t need to be anywhere to do this except in front of a screen. Thanks Mark and Craig!” – Patricia G.

“Great personal service! They found the right kind of Medicare coverage for my needs at the absolute best cost. I am super pleased with their service and follow-up communications. I highly recommend their service. Other people who I have recommended this to service to have thanked me for the recommendation.” – James K.

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