Frequently Asked Questions

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What can Enroll Hero help me with?
Enroll Hero will guide you through the sometimes confusing process of enrolling in Medicare. Our licensed, certified agents can help you understand your options and find your ideal plan, and we are happy to answer any enrollment questions you may have. You can call us directly Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00 PM at 833-636-4376 TTY 711 or email us at

How does enrolling on Enroll Hero work?
To begin, you will need to enroll in Medicare parts A & B through Social Security. We can help you to understand what you need to do, because there is so much information out there.

Once this is complete, you give us some basic information to see what plans are available to you. Then you can compare plans so you can find the best health coverage for you based on our Total Cost estimation. The final step is enrollment. Enroll Hero is contracted with many of the major health insurance companies to sign you up.

What type of plans does Enroll Hero offer?
Enroll Hero shows most Medicare plans available, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.  This means you can shop and compare most plans available in your area. Plus, we offer dental and vision.

What happens after I am enrolled?
Once you’re enrolled, you will receive confirmation from the health insurance companies 2 weeks after your application.

What do I need to do after I’m enrolled?
You must make your monthly premium payments for both Medicare Part B and any monthly premiums for your health insurance plans, or you risk losing your coverage. You can also get your premiums deducted from your Social Security checks, but this may take a couple of months to get fully set up.

Can I set up payment options with Enroll Hero?
No, we don’t deal directly with the payments. You would either get the monthly coupons to pay yourself, deduct from Social Security, or pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Am I qualified to enroll right now?
You can enroll in any plan if you are in your Initial Enrollment Period, which starts 3 months before your 65th birthday and ends 3 months after,

If you are already on Medicare you can enroll in any Medicare Advantage plan or Prescription Drug Plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period. The Open Enrollment Period is October 15th – December 7. If you are on a Medicare Supplement plan, you can change your plan at any time, but with health underwriting, or for the 30 days after your birthday without health underwriting. Health underwriting is a series of questions about your health which can be used to accept or deny your application.

Otherwise, there’s a Special Enrollment Period for people who have experienced a major life event. This includes retirement and losing your employer health insurance, moving, etc.

What is the difference between Enroll Hero and
The difference is that Enroll Hero provides a quick and easy approach that saves you time and puts the power of finding the right plan for you in your hands.

On Enroll Hero you can:

  1. Find out how to enroll in Medicare
  2. Easily shop and compare plans
  3. Reach out to your Customer Hero year-round

Are you a non-profit?
No, we are a mission-driven for-profit business. We believe we can build a successful business helping people with one of the most complex decisions of their lives. A win-win.

How does your business make money?
We are contracted with many of the major health insurance companies and receive a commission once we help you enroll in a plan. It’s free to you and the prices are the same whether you go through us or directly with the insurance company but as your broker we can continue to support you on any questions about Medicare or your billing and ensure you’re always on the optimal plan going forward. A no-brainer!

Whats the difference between Enroll Hero and my local insurance agent?
We utilize a techinque created by our team of engineers and data scientists especially for the purposes of sorting through all your available options.  In essence, we do the math that allows you to compare plans more efficiently and confidently from the comfort of your home or wherever your phone takes you.

And we’re nice people, too!