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Turning 65? This is what you need to know

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Medicare eligibility begins at age 65 for most people. It’s a lot to think about, but don’t worry. We can take it a step at a time. Before you even begin, consider whether you need to sign up for Medicare. For example, are you working?

Step 1. Sign up for Medicare parts A & B if you haven’t already heard from the Social Security office. You will receive a confirmation letter and a Medicare card from the Social Security office. Here’s how to do it online.

Step 2. Choose a health insurance plan that is optimal for your doctors, prescriptions, and preferences. Here’s a bit more about why you need to sign up for a plan. And here’s our advice on how to choose the type of plan.

Step 3. Sign up for the plan. This final step is putting in the your information, reviewing it, and submitting a signed application to the insurance company. You would get additional value by signing up with a broker because the prices are the same as if you went directly to the health insurance company, but you would receive the support and tools that good brokers can provide. Enroll Hero has an automated process that can sign you up in minutes and continue to make sure you’re always on the right plan through your Medicare journey.

Once you go through all of these steps, you are done! You simply await your confirmation from the health insurance company, and will be covered as of the start date that is indicated on your Medicare card.

Have any questions?
Just get in touch with one of our Heroes that would be happy to help you! We are unbiased independent brokers contracted with all of the major health insurance companies. We are 100% free to you and the prices are the same as if you went directly to the health insurance companies, but with us as your Medicare concierge we can continue to guide you in your journey.

How to guide
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