Medicare 101

Where do I get help with Medicare?

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We know there’s a lot of information out there and lots of people to talk to. Here are your sources of information and help for Medicare:

State Health Insurance Assistance Program

For general help and advice with the Medicare program, you can always check with your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) office for local seminars or free consultations.  They can help you with gaining knowledge on Medicare and show you where to look for more information. However, SHIP advisors do not help with plan selection and are like most people in the industry….not armed with tools to help you actually choose an optimal plan. As a source of information, however, we think they add a great deal of benefit for those that just need to understand what they need to do.

You can also work with brokers like Enroll Hero that can lead you through the entire enrollment process. We encourage you to shop around and find one that can give you unbiased information, can calculate your optimal plan and estimated costs in seconds, and doesn’t apply any high pressure sales techniques. Our clients have told us how difficult is is to find one that ticks all of these boxes. This is why we exist, and we hope we can help.

Health Insurers
If you know exactly which plan you want to pick, you can also speak to the carrier directly. The advantage is that you can be certain of exactly what you are signing up for. However, we believe there’s a lot of value that brokers like Enroll Hero can help you with at no cost to you, as long as you are using the right broker.

Once enrolled, the Member Services phone number on the back of your membership card is the best place to go for any account-related questions.

Medicare itself
One of the underutilized resources is simply 1-800-MEDICARE. We have found the number to be responsive, friendly, and a good source of information and answers. We encourage asking them any questions if you want information from an unbiased source.

Have any questions?
Just get in touch with one of our Heroes that would be happy to help you! We are unbiased independent brokers contracted with all of the major health insurance companies. We are 100% free to you and the prices are the same as if you went directly to the health insurance companies, but with us as your Medicare concierge we can continue to guide you in your journey.

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